This is the category of licence that you will need to drive Vans within a weight range of between 3500kg and 7500kg, this is also the category that you will need if you wish to train as a Paramedic and drive Ambulances.

If you have an Equestrian Background then it is likely that medium size horseboxes fall into this category too. I am able to provide you with the guidance to obtain the provisional entitlement on your licence and subsequent training leading to your test.

I can provide a vehicle fully meeting DVSA Requirements, but if you are seeking to use your own vehicle, please make contact to ensure that it meets the DVSA Test requirements.

Assessments are available to determine likely training time, and I recommend this option, do contact me for any information or to provide you with paperwork you might need to have the provisional entitlement on your licence. For this category please note that there is a Medical and Theory Test that needs to be undertaken and passed before you can go on to book your practical test. You will need to be aged at least 18 for this category of licence.